snake rescue call

Snake Conservation Efforts Underway in South India

To accomplish successful snake conservation efforts, Save The Snakes relies on the expertise, dedication and passion of our local partner, the Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society, to protect snake populations and mitigate human-snake conflict in South India.

In the moment pictured above, EGWS Founder Murthy Kantimahanti speaks with community members about snake awareness and eases their concerns after a cobra was discovered near their homes. Murthy and the amazing EGWS volunteers have been assisting Save The Snakes during our time in South India while filming Snake Rescue Call. Their dedication and enthusiasm are vital to the success of EGWS’ snake conservation efforts!

More than 80 workers from a grain storage facility attend a snake awareness program in Visakhapatnam. As the grain attracts rodents, snakes have been frequently observed onsite. These programs, conducted by the Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society, are essential for mitigating human-snake conflict and reducing snakebite. Photo: Living Zoology Film Studio

Learn more about and support Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society’s vital snake conservation efforts here:


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