SNAKE RESCUE CALL is a collaboration between USA-based conservation organization Save The Snakes and Czech-based film production company Living Zoology Film Studio.

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As human populations rapidly grow and spread into areas that wildlife depend on, conflict with snakes is becoming increasingly common. Each year, 2.7 million people around the world suffer a serious snakebite envenomation. At least 125,000 are killed and 400,000 more are permanently disabled. In India alone, over 46,000 people die from snakebite, which accounts for almost half of worldwide snakebite deaths. In response to this snakebite crisis, the World Health Organization classified snakebite as a neglected tropical disease as few efforts exist to reduce snakebite in the global majority.

Despite their unwarranted reputation, snakes are critically important animals for our world. Snakes maintain balance in the food web and provide humans an ecological service by controlling pest populations. Yet, snake populations in India are at risk from habitat destruction and extreme persecution by humans. Currently there is a gap between the conservation needs of snake species and the human-snake conflict solutions that exist in rural, impoverished communities. These communities are the most impacted by snakebite because they lack access to appropriate medical care. Left unaddressed, the indiscriminate killing of snakes will bring already threatened snake species ever closer to extinction while human lives continue to be lost from snakebite.

SNAKE RESCUE CALL is the incredible true story of wildlife conservationists who work to solve human-snake conflict in their communities while risking their own lives to protect some of India’s most dangerous snake species.