Produced by Living Zoology Film Studio and Save The Snakes, SNAKE RESCUE CALL is the incredible true story about the dedicated wildlife conservationists who work to solve human-snake conflict in their communities while risking their own lives protect some of India’s most dangerous snake species.


SNAKE RESCUE CALL is currently in post-production and the film will make its debut October 2019. Check back for future updates.

Good work, we´re waiting for the full documentary. – Wild Films Channel

Wow absolutely spectacular!!! I can’t wait!! – Righteous R.
Looking forward to it !! Great shots – Lerako

SNAKE RESCUE CALL – Teaser Trailer

SNAKE RESCUE CALL – Rescuing The King Cobra Trailer

Ajay Giri (Agumbe Rainforest Research Station) is one of the most experienced snake rescuers in the world. He works with King cobras on a daily basis.

SNAKE RESCUE CALL – Women and Snakes Trailer

Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society volunteer Shalom Teresa speaks about her relationship to snakes. She encourages other women and girls to overcome the fear of snakes.

SNAKE RESCUE CALL – Snake Education Trailer

Murthy Kantimahanti (Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society) educates people in Andhra Pradesh about snakes and tries to convince them that not all species are deadly venomous.

SNAKE RESCUE CALL – “Why Snakes?” Trailer

Save The Snakes Executive Director Michael Starkey explains why snakes are worth rescuing.